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Hi, my name is Danny, owner of Oraco Solutions Limited. Our business started in 2001 and has a long history in Website Design, Domain Name registrations and management, Webhosting services, and SEO. As a business, we decided that our digital product range went hand in hand with our business model and the services we were offering.

As a web design company in Waikato, it made sense to us that having a complete understanding of Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting services was essential, giving us the ability to be an expert in DNS management. So, along with 25 years of IT experience, you are dealing with a company that understands the importance of getting things right.

In an article I wrote (3 Options for Domain Name management, Which is best?) I talked about who should manage your domain name. Today I want to take that a step further as to why having a website design company operating your digital products works best. It is important to note that though we manage these products for our customers, these services must remain in their details, and they have access to all active accounts.

The website design company is the best option to manage these products because they can make the necessary changes to your domain or web hosting as they need to without having to rely on another company for access or sending through requests. And if they are an excellent Digital Company and adhere to good practices, they will ensure their clients have access at any time. You should mark this as a red flag if you don’t know where your digital products are or how to access them.

Why is any of this important? For Oraco Solutions, it is about transparency and following some basic legal rules regarding ownership. The customer owns the Domain name; they have access to the Web Hosting account, and though there might be some propriety software used to build their website, they still own the content and the images, not necessarily the code. In our case, we use WordPress, and the great news is this it can be moved anywhere by our clients if they choose to. So our company mustn’t have a stronghold on customers’ digital products, and we don’t; our business is built on trust and relationship building.

I’m not sure if I answer that question quite well, but my point here is that it is about relationship building, trust and, most importantly, being transparent with your customers. Getting those fundamentals right are just as important as the website build.

But everyone and anyone can build a website. Well yeah, they can. However, not knowing the basic principles of web design or, more importantly, the on-page work involved to meet the standards could mean that your website isn’t that searchable or even found. What’s worse is that the only way people find you is because you have to tell them you have a website, or no one will know about it. So I wrote this article (“Leave it to the experts.”) And yes, nothing is for free, and if it is cheap, there is a reason for it, but hey, we understand everyone has a budget.

What about the costs? Yes, you can get some excellent website design options at exceptional pricing, which will look, feel and do what you want them to do. The only thing it won’t do is bring people to your website without you having to do direct marketing to drive customers to your site. Think about search engine optimisation this way, “it is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or specific web page from a search engine.” SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than paid or direct traffic.

Then why does SEO costs me if it is organic traffic? Why? Because good website design and practices take a lot of skill and monitoring. The initial website build will incorporate these principles and will be offered at different levels based on the cost of your website. We provide entry-level SEO on all the websites we build and then advanced options for clients that need websites performing weekly. These skills deployed are designed to increase the chances of organic traffic; however, it doesn’t stop there with SEO, as it is a constant process of ensuring that your website is competitive all year round.
SEO and SEM appear to be used loosely at times. The difference is that SEO focuses on getting traffic from an organic search, and search engine marketing still focuses on getting traffic organically and through paid search.

The key elements of SEO are keyword research, on-page SEO and off-page SEO and the technical aspects of SEO. At the end of the day, all you should care about is where your website ranks for keywords for which people may search your business in the hope of them clicking your website link; the rest is up to the quality of the website and the ability to convert those visitors into customers.

Be a website owner with a purpose; don’t just have a website because it is what businesses do. That purpose is to convert visitors into customers as we operate in the most competitive environments we have ever had. Those businesses are doing well because they understand the benefits of their business showing up through Google Search because of good foundational SEO practices and ongoing monthly SEO management.

Get in touch with us today, and let us show you the results that good digital strategies make in as short as six months of what SEO can do for your business. It is a process, not an instant success; your competitors are beating you because they understand the process.

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