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Simple, Yet Effective Website Design

Branding, it's Everything

Having an effective website design that matches your branding is an important aspect of your representation to your customers.  When designing and building a website we like to tell a story about your business through the presentation of your brand and what you deliver to your customers and your associated networks.  We take pride in the values we have as a business and in our brand and we pass that same pride onto the development of your website.

In this fast and forever changing digital space, your website is the starting place for customers.  You need to get this aspect right as the first impressions will decide if the customer engages with your business further.  The expectations of your customers are changing and that is why we need to build trust through the presentation of a professional website.  We want to grab the attention of your customer straight away and most of all we want them to engage with your business even quicker.  Don’t let them scroll on by, you want them to stop and take some type of action. Our goal is to deliver the best experience for your visitors while using your website, we want it to be professional, fast and engaging, we want it to represent who you are and your values, and most of all your trust.

We design and produce professionally designed websites that achieve high user engagement and results.  The skills we offer are more than just that of a website designer, we can manage the entire process of what it takes to be successful online, by managing all your digital products, domain name, email, web hosting, performance and marketing. We provide a total solution backed by over 20 years of industry experience.

To get started, simply make contact or use the Website Development Document to tell us what you require. 

The development document forms the first part of our process, the information-gathering stage.  

Successful Customer Designs

Our team is ready to start your website project, upgrade or transfer your current website into our systems. There are times where  full transfer isn’t possible, so we will replicate your website into our system for you to enjoy the benefits of our website management editor.

Keep the Process Simple 1, 2, 3, 4,

Information Gathering

The first part of our process is the “Information Gathering” stage.  This is where we discuss with you the options available for your new project.

The gathering stage is critical to the success of the project.  The information we receive from you helps with the design and development process while keeping on point with your branding and business identity.

The key factor in the information gathering is to focus on what your offerings are, from most important to least important.  We gather your content and branding material or design new branding if required.  Providing your content is an essential part of the process, you have options to write your own content, or discuss a content writing service with one of our partner content copywriters.

After we receive all the important elements to start building your new website we then proceed to the design stage.

Information Gathering

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Design & Build

Our design elements are kept simple and clean with page speed in mind, our main goal in the design & build process is to have visitors engage with your business quickly as possible.

Your website design will be produced at a high standard, keeping in with your brand awareness.

Your website is the first point of reference for many customers and they judge your worthiness by first checking your website, this is why the design process is important as it will become the first sales representative your potential customer will encounter prior to purchasing your products or contacting you for service.

Your views and specific demands are priceless assets in our professional web development process. The right solution will be based on the research we carry out to understand your target market, your strengths and shortcomings as well as the image of your company and its reputation among the masses.

Our professional web development service increases the level of user comfort, connects with the target market and convinces them to buy your products and subscribe to your services. 

Contact us today for accelerated, end-to-end solutions and leave your competition behind.

Design & Build

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Load & Launch

When the website is completed, the web hosting and the domain management have been sorted in preparation for the launch of your new website, we have your website in the “Coming Soon” stage and all that is required is the green light to go live.

The launch of your website happens after you have reviewed and approved the final product and are happy with the result.  We encourage our clients to take the opportunity to make a big deal about the launch or relaunch of their new website.

The launch of your new website could possibly coincide with a business promotion to gain the best engagement for new and existing customers. 

What better time to showcase your new website to your customers by hosting a launch party.  The hard work has been done, the launch of the website is the time to celebrate the work that has been put in.

Load & Launch

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Your website is not complete until you tell the world that it has arrived, or been revitalised.  Promoting your website is one of the most important aspects of the web development process. You can have the best design, and the best features, but what if nobody can find you?

We make sure that your website is using at least the basic tools to be listed and found through major search engines like Google.  All of our websites are Google-friendly and responsive, we put the search engine at the forefront of every project we deliver.

There are however additional things to consider when marketing and telling the world about your website.  See our SEO and SEM page for more information. 
Take Me There


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The website designer will take your vision and your brand and make it come alive.

Transfer your Website

Are you...

  • looking for a new direction?
  • Wanting your website to be hosted on a New Zealand server?
  • Want better control over your website?
  • Just looking to have a local New Zealand company manage your digital services in the future?

We can do it all! We can transfer your website into our system through replication (based on the current platform being used) or directly into our hosting environment. We can also transfer and manage your domain name and give you full access to your web hosting account. If you don’t want to deal with the technical stuff that is fine, leave it to us.

Why transfer your website?

A lot of customers don’t fully understand the complexities of having a website and what everything means, including the maintenance involved in making sure that your system is always working and up to date.  Our system changes this for you and we make the process simple and explain things in a language you will understand.

The reason you may want to transfer your website is to gain better control and understanding of your digital products.

It is essential to know that all our websites are moveable from one server to another, you are not stuck with the Oraco Solutions forever if you choose to move for whichever reason. Our service, price and quality should give you every reason to stay.

The main reason to transfer your website is that we pride ourselves on the service we can provide you, ask one of our customers.  We become part of your team, not just a provider of products and services, we want you to be successful and that is why we have a monthly maintenance programme, so you know you are always being looked after.

Your website is as important as your bricks and mortar business, if not more important, make it work for you.

Let’s have a further discussion about the transfer of your website by either filling out a contact form or by calling us now.