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Oraco Solutions Limited based in the Waikato town of Cambridge has been building websites for over 18 years for businesses, clubs and for non-profitable organisations, including Web Hosting and Domain name management solutions. Our support system and our consultation process go way beyond the website build.

Our customers often comment how much additional value they receive from our company, based on the ongoing support and periodic check-in we have with them to see how things are going with their online business and what improvements can be made and what additional help they may require for their online business to become more successful.

Through our web hosting and domain name expertise, we are able to offer a total package and solution to our customers.  We work for you with the same enthusiasm that we give our own business, we consider our company an extension of yours. 

There is much more to just the website builder that needs better understanding from end-clients.  Oraco gives each project that we deliver the best opportunity to do well, our service doesn’t stop with the completion of the project, we maintain and monitor all the websites we produce. Who said small teams can’t produce great results at a great value, with no loss of quality, just ask one of our customers.

If you are looking for a customised website option for your business, contact us to discuss further. 


Oraco Solutions Limited is a business with a future, a dream and a vision. Our place of work is a place where creativity and ideas should always be expressed and there are absolutely no dumb ideas.

As a small independent company with the potential to see continued growth in an ever-growing digital market, we believe that we are always one step away from taking on that next person. 

We currently have no employment available.  

Please do make contact with us as your name could be the next option to grow our business.