3 options for domain name management, which is best?

What is in a domain name? It sounds like a strange question doesn’t it and I will get to my point shortly.

I wrote an article last year “Understanding Your Domain Name Ownership!” and now I want to take this concept of “ownership” a little bit further by expanding on who is the best person to maintain and manage your domain name?

This is a very good question, so let’s break it down into 3 options.

1. Self-management – seems pretty simple, you purchased the domain name, you manage it.  This is great if you have the right skillset and a very good understanding of the importance of DNS management for example. A records, TXT records, CNames etc, are all different yet vital for your website or email to function correctly.

2. An IT Company – You would naturally think an IT company would be the best choice, yes, they have the right skill set to manage a domain name. One could argue that it isn’t their core business and one could be hampered by waiting for their IT people to respond and make the necessary changes, then I can guarantee you will receive an invoice for the work they have done.

3. A Website Company – 100% yes.  They are the best option! Why? Firstly a good company will understand the importance of ownership, if they don’t, run. They won’t have any issues with the owners granting access to their IT people when they need to make adjustments or changes that don’t impact your website. They are the best option because they can make DNS changes as they are required, add new records that help your website as required, and they normally do this at no cost as it will be bundled in the new service they are providing.

What do you think is the best option?

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