Does your website need to be maintained?

This might have seemed like a strange question to ask?

“Does your website need to be maintained?” The short answer to that is “YES”

We do a lot of research and follow a lot of online trends to benefit our clients and the trust they have in us to manage and maintain their websites.  

We offer our clients a monthly maintenance programme, this programme is to make sure that their websites are kept up to date and checked for problems or other things that need to be addressed to keep their websites working as they should. 

You might ask, why is any of this important? Because just like a car, a house, your gardens and your health are all important to maintain, they require maintenance to keep them going and looking good so they can be kept up to standard. 

What did you say? You don’t have maintenance being applied to your website, then who is checking it and making sure it is working and kept up to date and that you are getting value from it! It’s an investment and like any investment, we want to see some type of return.

Let’s not confuse maintenance with updates, the two are very different.  One is making sure that the software is functioning and working as it should and the other is keeping your website fresh with content updates, blog posts, news and other things happening within your business.  Your website is your chance to convince someone to use your service, buy your products, or engage in your conversation.

How does your monthly maintenance work? We like to give value and we understand the ongoing costs that a business has, we have them.  Our monthly maintenance programme is much more than just keeping on top of your website and making sure it is functioning the way it should be.  We have added benefits for our clients, the monthly maintenance includes the web hosting, the domain name, email, backup, software updates, and SSL.  It is an assurance that we as a company are looking after your interests by maintaining and taking care of your digital products all year round.  The best thing of all about our programme is this, if it breaks, we fix it at our cost.

No one is offering you maintenance, then I guess it is time you contact us to find out how we can take care of your future business.  

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