Creating a business Website

Creating a Business Website

The fundamental thing to consider when creating a business website is to understand that the online version is a reflection of you and your business. It’s the first impression someone will have of your business, with only a short window of opportunity to convert them into a customer or prospect.

Where to start when you want to create a business website.

  1. Register a domain name (web address), this will create the URL of your future business website. There are many companies that can help you through this process, including Oraco Solutions. Find out more here.
  2. Get someone to host your website. Your website is hosted on a server somewhere in the world, we believe that the best practice is to host your website on a server where your customers are. This isn’t essential, however, having a clear understanding of how to use a CND network will be. There are also many Website Builders available and they take care of the Hosting for you and generally use a CND network to cache your website for local users.
  3. Choose the right package or plan for your website. This of course is dependent on who you use or what you use to build your website. Here at Oraco, we believe that you can’t fit all businesses into different types of packages, because each business is unique with different goals.
  4.  Select the right template, however, better to have a custom design that represents your brand. There are risks with using templated websites. For example, how many other businesses are using them?
  5. Get a professional logo designed, one that is suitable for all types of media. Make sure you have ownership rights to your brand. Pick the right graphic designer and ask the question. 
  6. Content is king, be creative and research your competition and make your content your own. Or hire a content writer or simply use our service and we can guide and help you and even write your copy with your input.
  7. Once the site is completed, test it on all devices and browsers. Make sure it looks and feels as it is intended.
  8. Go live and tell everyone about it
  9. Work on a plan for updates and reviews, and keep your website up-to-date and fresh.

The Realities

Of course, it all sounds easy enough, but of course, we didn’t mention all the fundamentals of all the important stuff that needs to be considered for your website. You see the key thing with any website is we want it to be found, it needs to be searchable by search engines. This is where hiring a professional comes into play, because you think visually and we think visually, functionality, responsiveness, page speed and rich content, some of this you can’t even see, but a search engine like Google can. 

The important thing to note is this, you have a website to promote your business. The concept of that website is to be used as a lead generator or a sales magnet. If you don’t have a vision board or a plan to make this happen, consider stopping the process to make a plan before you start. Do not have a website for the sake of having one. This is the wrong approach and wasted dollars regardless of how affordable or expensive it was. Your time is valuable and it is better served focusing on the things that you are good at in your business.

A good website company should have your needs and values as the core of the plan for the site and they should be talking to you about your marketing plan and options. Because not all websites are successful, many business owners can’t understand why they are getting no leads or sales from their website. As much as I hate to say it, the investment you put in will generally be the investment you take back. Don’t settle for anything but the best and if you can’t do the best yourself, talk with a professional first, like us – we can offer advice with no obligation because our goal is to make sure that businesses understand the fundamentals of not only their website but all their digital products.

Oraco Solutions are a digital products provider, offering robust and functional websites for small to medium businesses at affordable pricing. We give you the best advice we can about everything you need to understand before building a website, including upgrading a website or improving it. Because from where we sit, you would be shocked at how many websites are out there and how many just aren’t working the way the owners may expect them to. It is a competitive market, you have to be on your game and ahead to achieve the best results. This might mean you have to talk with a professional to get it right the first time. 

Contact us today to ask us any questions you may have before creating a business website.

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