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The Heritage Trading Company, based in Cambridge, New Zealand, offers timeless treasures such as antiques and heritage items from the UK and France. They embarked on a journey by acquiring the business known as Colonial Heritage and rebranded it to align with their evolving vision. However, their existing digital presence presented challenges, prompting them to seek a new direction.

Challenge Faced

Joanne McIntosh, one of The Heritage Trading Company’s directors, recognised the need for a strategic shift in managing their digital products and basic IT requirements. Dissatisfied with their previous supplier and seeking a better return on investment, they turned to Oraco Solutions for guidance.

Investigation and Strategic Insights

Oraco Solutions embarked on a thorough examination of the company’s existing digital infrastructure and questioned the recommendations made by its former digital partner. One significant misalignment was immediately evident: The Heritage Trading Company operated under a .com domain despite catering exclusively to a local audience. This incongruity raised a fundamental question: “Do you sell to an international audience?” The unequivocal response was “NO.” The reason for the .com domain was simply a prior recommendation, which Oraco Solutions deemed “Terrible advice.”

Understanding the importance of brand alignment with the target market, Oraco Solutions emphasised that a local business should utilise a local country domain, promoting familiarity among customers and improving online visibility.

Strategic Recommendations

Oraco Solutions provided comprehensive recommendations, emphasising the need for a strategic pivot. The primary objective was to streamline their digital product management while exploring future growth opportunities. However, immediate attention was given to migrating their digital assets from the incumbent provider to Oraco Solutions, as they had rejected the current provider’s proposed solution.

One of the pivotal recommendations was changing the domain to a local, more fitting .co.nz domain, aligning perfectly with their New Zealand-based business. This change aimed to enhance their visibility and resonance within their local market.

Technical Transition and Challenges

The domain transition involved transferring all existing domain names into Oraco Solutions’ management system. While the process proceeded smoothly, an unexpected challenge arose when the previous supplier made unauthorised changes to one of the domains, resulting in a 60-day lockout period. Resolving this required Oraco Solutions to gain access to the previous supplier’s domain account, introducing some delays to the transition process.

Transparent Communication and Minimal Impact

The Heritage Trading Company valued Oraco Solutions’ transparent communication throughout this transition. Oraco Solutions meticulously detailed the short-term challenges and long-term benefits, assuring the client that nothing would be lost. As part of the strategy, Oraco Solutions promptly closed down their existing website and established a temporary placeholder while preparing to develop a more tailored and efficient website.

Positive Outcomes and Future Outlook

The results are clear: The Heritage Trading Company is now in a superior digital position. Oraco Solutions continues to collaborate closely with them, aiming to enhance further the presentation of their digital products and professional online presence. Directors Helen and Jo express their utmost satisfaction with the new direction and invaluable advice provided by Oraco Solutions.

In conclusion, The Heritage Trading Company’s transformation is a testament to the power of strategic alignment and transparent communication in the digital realm. This partnership positions them for sustained growth and success in their local market.

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