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“Professionalism was always the key for our business”

Manager Shane Rose knew it was time to look seriously at how the business was presenting itself online. The original website for the business had been online since 2010 and had not changed during that time. Shane said, “We basically had a website because that is what you were meant to have, we simply just couldn’t have anything as this was the new way that people were going to start looking for the type of services our business offered”.

After having a conversation with Oraco Solutions about how they could lift the brand for the accountancy firm and become more present through Google search while offering the business a complete facelift and improved functionality for their website using the Oraco Solutions platform. Shane was extremely happy with the concept and gave the green light to move and change their website into our new platform.

The main goal was to improve the professional look and feel of the business online and give them more appeal to new and potential clients. The understanding that Cambridge Accountants has for their client’s business was an important factor when working on the scope of the project. They understand that people are working hard for their own business and that as an accountancy firm they needed to work equally as hard. Oraco Solutions took this on board and worked to not only produce a professional-looking website but one that has all the hallmarks that business owners are looking for, reliability, presentability, functionality, fast loading and most of all it had to be mobile-friendly. Shane and the team also like to have a bit of fun and bring cheer to their customers, but they weren’t happy with putting up there, in Shane’s words ugly mug shots. So we came up with a fun way to represent the team that suited each individual member – They loved it.

The new website is maintained each month and checked to make sure it is always performing to the standards we feel it should. Our motto of, it breaks we fix it through the monthly maintenance package was a hit with Cambridge Accountants, knowing that their website is being checked regularly and be taken care of by a professional team. With the option to use the editor admin feature available to the business they have decided that it is best to let our team take full control and make the necessary changes as required so that their team can get on with what they do best –Accounting.

Satisfied with

Cambridge Accountants - New Website

Cambridge accountants

Cambirdge Accountants - Old Website

Cambridge accountants old website


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