Choosing the Right Website Company: Making Informed Decisions

In the vast realm of website development, selecting a trustworthy company can be daunting. At Oraco Solutions, we acknowledge that, like any business, we have encountered our fair share of missteps throughout our two decades of operation. However, we believe these experiences set us apart. Our approach is simple: we construct each website as our own. Take a moment to contemplate the significance of this statement. What does it mean to you?

While we understand that everyone operates within a budget, regardless of its size, we always strive to uphold a reasonable standard. Our websites may not possess every extravagant feature, much like a car may lack the most powerful or efficient engine. However, they will exude a polished and sophisticated appearance without compromising quality. The crux of my message here is: what truly matters?

In recent times, the prevalence of Content Management Systems (CMS) in website building has become increasingly apparent. It is now widely recognised that virtually anyone can construct a website using popular page builders like Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Rocketspark, WordPress, Elementor, and many more. While this may be true, your customers or those seeking your products and services can discern the difference between a professionally crafted website and one created with minimal skill. You have less than 30 seconds to make a lasting impression.

When building a website, the paramount considerations are User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). What will the user encounter, and will the interface be intuitive, comprehensible, and visually appealing? Of course, UX and UI encompass more complexities than can be covered here. The point is that individuals without web development expertise are often unaware of these vital factors. They watch tutorials, read guides, grasp the tools at hand, and endeavour to build a website as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Is there anything inherently wrong with this?

Companies have facilitated the construction of websites for people without prior knowledge or skills by simplifying the fundamentals. Why? Because it becomes a numbers game, the more users that adopt their products, the greater their profit. Let me be clear, many of these companies are reputable and will even recommend engaging a professional to build and develop your website using their system. However, we tend to overlook this advice, relying instead on our limited toolkit and proclaiming, “I’ve got this,” as we begin building with little planning, forethought, and no real understanding.

This brings me to my next point, drawing from my two decades of experience in this industry. Remarkably talented individuals have managed to leverage the tools provided by various companies to construct websites despite lacking coding or graphic design backgrounds. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), we face a new dilemma: who should we use and trust? I won’t mince words—AI is a game-changer. If you haven’t already embraced it as a tool, I suggest you’re falling behind. However, I offer this advice: refrain from employing AI to handle areas beyond your comprehension, as you will inevitably be exposed.

So, who should we entrust with our website endeavours? It’s an excellent question. When considering engaging a company to build your website, the first step should be to peruse their website and explore their portfolio. Assess the kind of clients they have worked with, and if possible, reach out to one or two of them for firsthand accounts. Test their portfolio on various devices to gauge its consistency. Are all their projects strikingly similar? If so, ask yourself why. Is it due to a reliance on the same system, or is it their sole style of creation? When your website is complete, you want it to stand out from the crowd.

This leads me to my final point: establishing trust. It’s an inherently challenging question to answer, and naturally, I would confidently assert that you can place your complete trust in me. Transparency, honesty, and factual information form the cornerstone of my approach. I demonstrate my expertise through my skill set and understanding of project management and people. I never make false promises or claim to possess abilities I lack. For readers seeking someone they can rely on, consult the clients a company has previously served—they will provide you with the unvarnished truth.

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