Trusting Your Website Designer/Developer

Trusting Your Website Designer/Developer

As business owners, we entrust a significant part of our online presence to the professionals who build and maintain our websites. Yet, why do many of us seem content to overlook even minor errors pointed out by competitors? It may be because we believe our current providers have our best interests at heart. Or it’s because we’ve invested considerable resources and expect nothing but the best in return.

Here’s the thing: When someone offers you free advice, it’s worth considering. Take that advice back to your current provider and gauge their response. Your website deserves to be in top shape 24/7, especially if you’re serious about maintaining a strong Google search presence and staying ahead of the competition.

Need a maintenance program in place? It’s time to rethink your strategy. How do you expect to remain competitive in today’s digital landscape without regular updates and fresh content? You can’t just sit back and wait for business to come to you; you must actively pursue it, starting with your online presence.

Consider a recent startup project we undertook. Despite minimal initial investment, we poured our efforts into giving the website a fighting chance. Yet, after four months, the client expressed disappointment in the lack of performance. They needed a marketing plan and were hesitant to invest further, fearing it wouldn’t yield returns. We provided extensive advice on driving traffic to their site, but here’s the truth: A website is just the beginning. Without a marketing strategy, you’ll wait forever for customers to find you.

As website designers, we strive to deliver the best for our clients within budget constraints. Take, for example, a recent project where the client willingly invested in a high-quality website. The results spoke for themselves, with enquiries pouring in within the first week. This proactive approach paid off, demonstrating the value of investing in a solid online presence.

In conclusion, be open to advice, even from competitors. They may offer insights that could enhance your website’s performance. Stick with your current provider if you choose, but ensure they thoroughly investigate any recommendations for improvement.

And to those who feel their website is stagnant, remember: Doing nothing yields nothing. We’re constantly evolving our approach to attract new business, and what works for us can work for you, too. Let’s move forward together toward online success.

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