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Oraco Solutions are a web design development company that create functional and professional websites for small to medium businesses.  We also go beyond the design and development process by offering our clients the full digital package which includes domain registration/management and web hosting packages.  

It is our belieft that when you deal with a company that provides all the necessary digital services required to have your website up and running smoothly.  This means minimum downtime for our clients because we are not having to wait on a third-party supplier. This edge gives us the ability to produce professional websites for our clients, that can be totally managed from the domain name through to the web hosting stages, to making your website live. 

Having all your products in one place make perfect sense; doesn’t it? We believe this because if any problem arises we have the ability to take action immediately and correct any issue without having to be reliant on the third-party.  We understand that businesses may have preferred suppliers and we are happy to work with any of your chosen suppliers.

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We have been a provider of web hosting solutions for over 19 years and are highly experienced with web hosting environments.

Some of our server locations are:

  • NZ  
  • US  
  • UK  
  • HK  

Our New Zealand customers are 99% of the time placed onto our NZ server unless requested otherwise. An example of why you may prefer to have your business website hosted outside of NZ is based on the location of where most of your customers are.

For information about our NZ web hosting options and pricing please make contact with us.