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“We became more responsive and more visual online”

DM Bobcats owner Dayne Maxwell had been with their former supplier for several years before deciding to switch to Oraco Solutions. Their website had simply stood still, with little to no changes being made. The website itself according to Dayne was purely there as a point of contact option.

Oraco Solutions spoke with Dayne and advised him that his business could be doing much better online and become much more credible with a professional design. DM Bobcats were willing to listen and make positive changes in the business by opting into upgrading their website.

Some of the concerns for Dayne were the possible downtime of his current website. We assured DM Bobcats that there was no need to make changes within their current website structure as we would be producing their new site through our system.

The new DM Bobcats website was up and running in a short space of time and Dayne was very happy with the review process before we went live. The only issue encountered throughout the project was with the domain name. There were ownership issues that Dayne was unaware of when it came time to transfer the domain dmbobcats.co.nz across to Oraco Solutions. The main issue was the previous supplier had registered the DM Bobcats domain in their company details, DM Bobcats were not the legal owners of their own domain name.

This was a challenging time, however through our expertise in knowing what to do we were able to work through this with the other supplier to have it resolved. This caused a few minor delays for the project’s go-live date while arrangements for the ownership of the domain were being transferred to DM Bobcats before the final transfer of the domain to Oraco Solutions could take place and then finally go live.

DM Bobcats were delighted to have a team that understood exactly what needed to happen and the understanding to make things happen. It is important that we always go the extra mile to make sure that clients fully understand the process and everything that is done to make their online business more successful.

Our goal is to always keep it simple for our customers, try not to overcomplicate things and then offer to take over if the client needs additional help with external forces to get their new website up and running. DM Bobcats are extremely pleased with the new platform. We often say it isn’t always about what or how we produce the product for the client, but how we work with them to produce the final result and meet their expectation.

Satisfied with

DM Bobcats - New Website

Dm bobcates web design waikato

DM Bobcats - Old Website

Dm bobcats old website


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